Pilates: Strengthen Your Body and Mind

  • 29th December 2022
  • Pilates

You might be asking yourself, is Pilates for me?  I can tell you now, it’s for everyone! The important questions to ask are; which class is right for me and where do I start my journey? 😊

All journeys start with a single step. Here at SPEAR the first step is reaching out and having a discussion with our Pilates team.  For most of our clients their journey starts with a 1:1 Pilates session with a Pilates Specific Physiotherapist.  These are designed to get to know you; your goals; your limitations and introduce you to the basics of Pilates. From here, we get you into the class that is right for you, allowing you to hit the ground running.

We offer variety of classes on offer ensure that everyone has a destination right for them.

The mobility and stability classes focus on the basics of Matwork Pilates, building strength in core muscles and improving mobility and balance.

The Intermediate classes challenge you further by progressing the exercise levels and working at a faster pace.  For those looking to complement their training with Pilates, we recommend the Advanced class.  These advanced classes are aimed at maximising performance potential, optimising recovery, reducing injury risk and helping achieve performance goals.


“The classes are relaxed and friendly and each has been different. I like that [the instructor] will push me to improve but if a position causes any pain I can stop or find a variation.  I am enjoying the feeling of getting some exercise again and have already signed up for my next block. “

“The classes are small and [the instructor] is proficient at tailoring exercises and offering different levels within each exercise that is challenging but never unattainable.”

The mobility & stability classes as well as the Intermediate classes are ideal for those who struggle with chronic pain, are returning from injuries or looking to take that first step in their journey to become more active. We welcome client from all backgrounds and abilities. It may be the final destination for some or the first step for other.

“I used to consider myself fairly fit but developed chronic nerve pain and had almost no exercise for nearly three years. After having physio which included some basic pilates moves I felt a pilates class supervised by a physio would be a safe first step to getting a bit more active.”

The benefits of Pilates are vast, it all depends on where you take the first step and where you hope it takes you.

You will become stronger!

“I’ve definitely noticed that I’m stronger not only in my core but also in my legs/ arms and back. My balance and posture have also improved and I’m much more aware of how I’m moving.”

You will feel better both in body and mind!

“The greatest benefits for me are increased joint mobility and flexibility, often reduced levels of discomfort and stiffness in my joints, which has allowed me to be more active. generally. I feel energized both physically and psychologically after a class!”

Our Pilates Instructors are there to motivate you on your journey. The benefits of Physio led Pilates is that we can guide and reassure you, build the confidence and strength you need to achieve your goals.

“[The instructor] has been so encouraging and has helped me remember how far I’ve come. She has also pushed me to try more advanced exercises and build my confidence.”