Incorporate Pilates Classes into Your Training

  • 31st October 2022
  • Pilates

A pathway to injury prevention and improved performance.

Pilates is a concept created by Joseph Humbertus Pilates, originally used for assisting in the rehabilitation of those ill and injured during WW1, this became so successful that he continued to develop his concept within the dance world. After his Death those he worked with continued to grow and develop the brand eventually into what we now know as “Pilates”.

As healthy active people I am sure you have been in the situation where you’ve put hours of training in only for your body to break down resulting in interruption to training and/ or competition. This effects people both physically as well as mentally. To reduce the chances of injury our body needs to allow us to move efficiently with control. If we can control and utilise the external forces rather than being controlled by them, we can achieve higher results with less of a risk of injury.


So, what makes Physio led Pilates different?

The curriculum used in Physiotherapy Pilates is specifically designed for those working within the field of rehabilitation. Each exercises selected is considered using Pathology, normal movement patterns, neuro muscular timings and neural pathomechanics.

The overall aim of Pilates is to develop deep, postural “core” muscles that support the spine during postural movement, enhance normal movement patterns and improve body alignment. The result is more efficient movement, which aids power output in sports as well as injury prevention.

Once a stable “core” has been created through both static and dynamic postures progressions for each of the core Pilates exercises can be achieved through, adding limbs, altering positions, and adding resistance. This allows us to cater for all levels.

To ensure that the classes are run specifically tailored considering your needs, we maintain small classes between 5 and 7 participants. This allow the therapist to provide hands on specific guidance as well as ensuring that everyone’s needs are being met.

We have also developed a system of creating an even more specific class by forming 3 different class structures each focussing on your specific goals and objectives.


1.Mobility and stability

Our mobility and stability classes involve basic Mat work movements designed for strengthening, flexibility and balance.  We will introduce you to the Pilates mat work basics and the continuations of these concepts to progress you along. The exercises in this class utilize stability and mobility to train, with a focus on the pelvis and trunk. These classes are practiced on a Mat using your own body and may incorporate small equipment.

2. Intermediate

Intermediate level classes are designed for those who have a solid understanding of how to complete matwork exercises; are able to stay in alignment through your workout and are able to follow the increased pace of workout as we progress the difficulty.  Our “mobility and stability” classes touch upon all aspects of matwork Pilates. However intermediate classes will progress past the level 1&2 exercises focusing more on strength and conditioning with the use of higher level matwork exercise.


Performance Pilates, is a tool to be used as part of your strength and conditioning training to help prevent injuries, target muscle imbalances and improve your overall performance.

This is done in several ways using exercises and touches on areas education that:

  • Increase core stability, posture and control.
  • Increase strength and joint mobility improving muscular output and efficiency.
  • Increase body awareness and as a result the efficiency of your training

Performance Pilates is specific to areas of weakness more commonly seen in athletes and sessions will be tailored towards those attending the classes. It is a great tool for injury prevention and allows you to work on areas that may otherwise be neglected in a hectic and crammed training schedule.

The classes are aimed to maximise performance potential, optimise recovery, reduce injury risk and help achieve your performance goals.

We would love to show you how fab our classes are. We are therefore running a SPEAR: Pilates Open day on Friday 4th November from 3pm-5pm in the SPEAR Westhill clinic.

You will be able to meet Lisa (one of our Experienced Chartered Physiotherapists and Qualified Pilates Instructor). She will be running FREE 30 min tasters for both the intermediate and performance level classes.

If you want to find out more about Pilates, and how it can complement your current training routine, then come along and see us on Friday. You can ask questions, experience our classes, and learn more about how SPEAR Pilates works.


For more information or to book a spot in one of the taster classes please email