We made the News!

  • 1st August 2022
  • Physiotherapy

Aberdeen-based physiotherapy practice, SPEAR Physiotherapy has announced significant business growth as they celebrate their 21st anniversary. Over the last 12 months, the clinic has experienced a 20% growth in numbers of patients, with them now seeing more than 1000 patients each month.  This growth has resulted in them expanding the team, adding four new physiotherapists in the last 6 months, bringing total headcount to 19, with further recruitment planned.

The practice was set up by local physiotherapists Karen Young and Lesley Kay, in 2001, specialising in injury rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation and performance profiling which they now offer across their three clinics in Westhill, Aberdeen Sports Village and The Paul Lawrie Golf Centre.

Co-founder Karen Young has this month been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Musculoskeletal Partners Network (MSKPN), the trade association committed to improving quality and raising standards across musculoskeletal medicine.  Karen is the only director based outside of London.

SPEAR Physiotherapy have also launched a new website to support the growth of the business, offering improved access to their booking system to make accessing treatment easier.

Karen Young, co-founder and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist commented, “In the initial stages of lockdown we had to remain closed. This enabled us to streamline all our clinic procedures to ensure all our efforts could be focussed on delivering the highest quality physiotherapy to our patients. Since covid we have seen increased demand for our services as patients struggle to access face to face services in the NHS. We find our patients are placing far more importance on keeping fit and healthy and want to make the most out of life, so are seeking our help to keep their bodies in the best condition so they can fully enjoy all their hobbies and sporting activities. We are widely recognised as the Sports People.”

Lesley Kay, co-founder and Neurological Physiotherapist added, “We have had a large increase in demand from patients seeking Neurological Physiotherapy, especially after discharge from hospital. We rehabilitate patients with highly skilled Neuro Physiotherapy, at the intensity required, back to their full potential. There are no problems, only solutions.”

SPEAR Physiotherapy aim to have between 40-50 appointments free at the start of each week to ensure their services can be accessed quickly for those requiring treatment.