Top 5 reasons you need a physio run assessment.

  • 15th May 2019
  • Physiotherapy, Running, Tips

It’s common knowledge that when something continually hurts during a running training programme or you sustain an injury, you will probably need to see a physio… but did you know that a running assessment would actually help you during your training and on race day and could be a really good reason to see a running physio?

SPEAR Physio, James gave us the top 5 reasons you need a physio run assessment.

1. Strength.

It is important to have appropriate strength when running to absorb impact, stabilise joints and react to external forces. Having the right strength program helps to train muscles to work together and coordinate so you are recruiting the all the right muscles for the most efficient running style. A SPEAR Run Assessment will highlight strengths and areas for development in the body and provide appropriate exercises to help prevent injuries whilst running.

2. Flexibility/mobility.

Flexibility is important in runners as it allows the joint to move in an efficient range. The muscles must be strong enough to actively move the joint through range so flexibility is therefore strongly linked to the importance of strength. A SPEAR Run Assessment will highlight areas with reduced range of movement and aim to increase the range of motion and strengthen the muscles to accommodate this movement and reduce injury risk.

3. Proprioception.

Proprioception is the body’s ability to know where it is in space. Having a good level of proprioception can greatly reduce injuries in runners, especially in those who train on uneven surfaces. By improving proprioception, the body is able to know where the foot is being placed without looking and can react to unexpected external forces such as uneven ground. A SPEAR Run Assessment will highlight instabilities which affect proprioception that can be trained to help reduce injury risk.

4. Cadence.

Over striding is a big factor in many running injuries. Over striding causes a greater braking force on each stride which increases the stress going through the lower limb joints and muscles therefore reducing running efficiency and increasing injury risk. A SPEAR Run Assessment will analyse your current running cadence (steps per minute) and help adjust your stride length accordingly for an improved running style and reduce injury risk.

5. Performance.

By working on all of the areas above running economy can be improved making it easier to run longer and faster. Appropriate training structure is also required to maximise the benefit of both strength and running sessions to improve running performance which will help you to achieve your goals. A SPEAR Run Assessment will advise on ways to develop your training around your running goals and how to schedule strength training into the running plan to improve performance.

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