The Importance of Movement Quality

  • 25th July 2022
  • Exercises, Physiotherapy

Have you been working on your joints and muscles to move better but are not seeing the results you would expect?

Do you get aches or niggles but continue to push through hoping it will go away on its own?

When it comes to exercise, we often think that doing more reps or lifting heavier weights will lead to better physical progress. And while there is truth to this, in many situations more is not necessarily better.

Because moving well is so much more than being able to do more reps or lift heavier weights.

It is learning to engage the muscles that would best support the activities you want to do.

It is moving with ease, flow and intention instead of constantly pushing harder.

It is discovering your personal limits, and knowing when you can challenge them.

It is accepting some days your body can do more, and other days you need to do less.

It is finding the right challenge (or rest) for your body on any given day.

It is celebrating your UNIQUE body and the ways it supports you every single day.

It is embodied joy, confidence, and freedom that allows you to continue creating the memories that give your life meaning.


I don’t know about you, but the joy that comes from having the freedom, confidence and independence to do all the things I want to take on in this world is what I want to keep throughout my life. Without your body in good working condition, how else can you go surfing in the sea, sandboarding in the desert, or scaling the highest mountains?

Your life goals may look different, but the sense of empowerment that comes from moving well is the same. Exercise is not about following government recommended guidelines or what the latest research says (as important as that is too). It is about looking after your body that is the vehicle that will carry you through this journey of life. Because if we can’t move well, it will limit our ability in doing the things we love.

And we only get one body, so we better look after it the best we can. Especially as most of us have been moving less over the past two Covid years.

It is an investment in yourself where the returns are priceless.

If moving well is something you are struggling with, I would love to help you. Especially if you have stiff joints, tight muscles, or hypermobility and want to move better to prevent pain and injury.

At some point in your life, you had the available movement. Somewhere along the way, you lost it. While I can’t promise that we can regain all of it, we can certainly help you move better and feel better to take on your next life adventure. Let’s level up your mobility today.


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To your next adventure,