The benefits of Move-Ment

  • 27th March 2019
  • Exercises, Physiotherapy, Running

This year, SPEAR Sports Injury and Physiotherapy helped you Move-More in November! It is a common goal for our physiotherapists across all the SPEAR services as we aim to keep you moving and facilitate move(ment) in recovery and rehabilitation. We spoke to SPEAR physiotherapist, James who runs our SPEAR:Run, on the benefits of movement and choosing to move-more.

“Men and women alike can embrace the Move-More-in-November idea (or any month) by merely being active. It’s what we like to call Move. For example, set a distance goal at the start of the month (week / year…), and walk, run, cycle, swim or row your way to achieving it. The benefits of movement are both physical and psychological and in this blog I want to highlight the benefits of running.

  • 1 hour of Running = 7 Extra Hours of Life

In a recent study in the Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases they summarised that in general, runners have a 25%-40% reduced risk of premature mortality and live approximately 3 years longer than non-runners.

  • 1 Minute of Running a Day to Strengthen your Bones

This remarkable claim looked too good to be true in the recent study in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

Testing indicated that, with this set-up, running at 12:00 per mile pace gives you a jolt equivalent to about 75 percent of the force of gravity, while running at 9:36 mile pace is about 100 percent the force of gravity. These findings aren’t too surprising as to stimulate bone growth you need to load through the bone.  Running is fantastic for loading and increases bone growth with every step.  Controlled loading is important to ensure the bone load is not over its capacity.

  • Running IMPROVES joint care

A report in 2013 looked at the common myth that running increases damage to the joint. Where in fact the study showed that runners have 20% lower risk of osteoarthritis and hip replacement than walkers.  Furthermore averaging 15-23 miles per week is further beneficial than 8 miles weekly.

  • Running reduces stress, Stress reduces regeneration.

Its well known that exercise releases a good hormone in the body called endorphins.  These are what relates to the “runners high” that comes after a long run.  In a recent interview with Mel Edwards, running legend, he was quoted as saying: “the best I felt in a day was after a session.” Furthermore, there is research looking at factors that can slow healing/regeneration after a run and stress contributes to this.  It is very important to have a balance between the load and the capacity of the body to accept load, in avoiding injuries – the bodies capacity is therefore reduced by stress. “Doing nature-based physical activity could lower stress and anxiety, while boosting mental well-being” according to research by Edge Hill University, maximising the existing mood-improving qualities of exercise.

These are just four benefits that running has on the body.  Running also can be great for a social interaction (JogScotland, Parkrun, Fit Like Joggers, Metro Running Club to name a few Aberdeen local running clubs…).  Running in a group or having accountability to another individual increases adherence to a new habit! It’s as easy as putting one foot in front…. so what are you waiting for….”

How to start:
1. Pick a number of steps to complete this week (9000 – 10000 steps a day)
2. Download Strava app join the SPEAR:Run Strava group to share your achievement. #teamSPEAR