27 Mar

The benefits of Move-Ment

It is a common goal for our physiotherapists across all the SPEAR services as we aim to keep you moving and facilitate move(ment) in recovery and rehabilitation. We spoke to SPEAR physiotherapist, James who runs our SPEAR:Run, on the benefits of movement and choosing to move-more.

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26 Nov

Physio Bikefit Stretching Recommendations

SPEAR Sports Injury and Physiotherapy offer a physio bikefit service, run by chartered physiotherapist, Ashley Armstrong. In this blog, Ashley shares the benefits of warming up before a cycling session and highlights the main reasons why a cool down is just as important!

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21 Nov

To ice or not ice?

The “to ice or not to ice” debate is one of our favourites in clinic and championed by SPEAR physiotherapist, Isla. We asked Isla to write a blog for us on the subject, sharing some findings and her views on icing an injury to reduce swelling.

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