SPEAR neurological and musculoskeletal team client success

  • 27th March 2019
  • Neurological Physiotherapy, Pain, Physiotherapy

SPEAR Sports Injury and Physiotherapy specialise in sports injuries and neurological rehabilitation; providing treatment for muscle and joint injuries, Orthopaedic surgery, rehabilitation and work related neck and back pain.

Whilst all our clients enjoy success after a period of physiotherapy and proper recovery methods, now and again a story comes to our clinic that really breaks boundaries.

In summer 2016 SPEAR client, Douglas was in a serious Road Traffic Accident. A former policeman and Strongman competitor, Douglas suffered multiple fractures, a serious head injury and internal injuries from the collision. He spent three weeks in ITU and a further three months in hospital, before being discharged. Once home, Douglas was mainly wheelchair-bound and housebound.

Lesley and Isla, SPEAR physiotherapists from both the Neurological Rehabilitation teamand the Musculoskeletal team, joined up and met with Douglas in December 2016. Physiotherapist Lesley, from the Rehabilitation team, describes the first few sessions: “Isla and I went to see Douglas at home for his first session as he hadn’t been out of his flat for months and was mainly wheelchair bound. We knew Douglas was desperate for help to get his life back on track.
Our first visit consisted of discussing Douglas’s injuries (of which there were many!). Douglas joked it would be quicker to tell us what hadn’t been broken than what had…he was right!!”

“We assessed Douglas standing up and facilitated a few steps with his zimmer. Both Isla and I were so impressed by Douglas’s motivation and determination we decided that Douglas needed out of his flat and to attend physiotherapy treatment at our Aberdeen Sports Village clinic. Inspiration for the inspired!!”

Lesley continues: “Douglas has amazed everyone with his incredible recovery. In six weeks Douglas has gone from being wheelchair and housebound to gradually progressing to successfully walking around the 400m running track with Isla and myself assisting.”

Douglas is currently using a tripod to walk at home and is able to get out and about; and has even been away for a long weekend. Not bad for six weeks of intense rehabilitation!

Douglas is now treated at the SPEAR clinic in the Aberdeen Sports Village and has three sessions a week – one double session with both Isla and Lesley and two solo sessions; one with Isla from Musculoskeletal in the ASV gym and another with Lesley from Neurological Rehabilitation in the rehab clinic.

Future rehabilitation for Douglas will include #teamSPEAR resident podiatrist, Amy MacLean Podiatry and Personal Training sessions from Aberdeen Sports Village PT, Charles.