SPEAR introduces Physio Bikefit service

  • 27th March 2019
  • Exercises, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation

#teamSPEAR are delighted to add a PhysioBikefit service to their list of services. Run by Chartered Physiotherapist, Ashley who recently completed a course, “The science of cycling-injury prevention” run by Incitus in Holland.

PhysioBikefit is an assessment session, fitting your body to your bike. Using a turbo trainer, the Physiotherapist will assess your body mechanics whilst you are riding your bike and guide you through a range of exercises specific to cycling form to assess body mechanics.

During a PhysioBikefit session the SPEAR Chartered Physiotherapist will measure and assess the body and the way it moves, in true cycling form, as well as making sure your bike is properly set up for you.

Ashley explains: “Each body is different and optimising body mechanics can help increase performance, aid endurance during training or a race and prevent injury.”

She says: “a PhysioBikefit session can help with cycling-specific issues such as lower back and neck pain, saddle discomfort, knee and sit bone pain and hand tingling and numbness.”

The PhysioBikefit session will last up to 1.5 hours and takes place in the newly opened SPEAR Westhill clinic.

Email ashley@spearphysiotherapy.co.uk for further information or to book your PhysioBikefit session.