We are often referred to as “The Sports People” due to our physiotherapists’ extensive knowledge of sport and sports rehabilitation.

Sports injuries can occur following a traumatic event when something is sprained or strained during training or competition. When a traumatic event has occured, our approach is aimed at providing the optimum environment for the tissue to heal and then can hold your hand through the rehabiltation approach. Regular assessment occurs during the rehabilitation process to ensure mobility, strength, power and stability are improving and that rehab is aligned with individual goals. 

Sports injuries can also occur over a period of a few days or weeks in response to an area being abnormally loaded or loaded too much due to a spike in training. Our indepth movement analysis skills can look at how you move through a thorough assessment looking at what areas are tight, stiff or weak. We can provide hands on treatment to get stiff/tight areas moving, and provide exercise programmes to keep areas moving more long term. Exercises to re-educate movement and strengthen weak areas can be provided to address any weaknesses. Through this process we can normalise mechanics to ensure your body is able to cope with the training loads it is being exposed too. We can work closely with you to ensure you are gradually increasing training loads in line with the tissues capacity to cope with load as it recovers from any injury or overload.

I work with Karen and her team at SPEAR on a regular basis to help maintain my physical well being. This has been instrumental to ensuring that I consistently perform to my best

Zoey Clark


400m Sprinter