What is PhysioBikefit?

PhysioBikefit is an assessment session with a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist who has specific PhysioBikefit training. Using a turbo trainer, the physiotherapist will assess your body mechanics whilst you are riding your bike and guide you through a range of exercises specific to cycling form to assess body mechanics

Why PhysioBikefit?

Each body is different and optimising body mechanics can help increase performance, aid endurance during training or a race, and prevent injury. 

During a PhysioBikefit session the Chartered Physiotherapist will measure and assess the body and the way it moves, in true cycling form as well as measuring your bike and advising on any adjustments that should be made to endusre your cycle position is optimal for your body.

A PhysioBikefit session can help with the following cycling-specific issues:

  • Lower back & neck pain
  • Saddle discomfort
  • Knee and sit bone pain
  • Hand tingling and numbness
  • Inability to pedal well and efficiently


What does a PhysioBikefit session include?

  • History of training load, current or previous pains/injuries, and current bike set up
  • Cycling specific body measurements (leg length, forearm length, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and movement control)
  • Specific static measurements of the bike and your body position on the bike
  • A dynamic analysis of cycling using current video technologies.
  • Following an in depth assessment, together we will plan how to improve the way you ride from both a bike and body perspective. Including an individualised tailored programme for any body inefficiencies and cycling technique correction as required to optimise your cycling performance and experience