SPEAR Golf are reknowned both nationally and Internationally for our expert knowledge in the physical aspects of the golf swing. We have developed a golf specific profile to assess the body’s physical capabilties and patterns.

What is included in a profile?

We start by asking you a number of questions about you and your golf. Posture, flexibility and movement are then analysed to determine if there are any physical restrictions that are preventing the body getting the club in the most optimal positions in the golf swing. The swing must be reproduced consistently for good performance, but if tightness or weakness cause movement inconsistencies to creep in then this can cause swing inconsistencies.

A profile will highlight your physical deficiencies so that you can focus and tackle the areas that you need to work on that can cause most improvement.

“Golf is like a chain. You always have to work on the weakest link” – George Archer

“Change is the price of survival” – Gary Player

What we do with the results?

A golf specific physical programme can be custom made for you based on the findings and the golfers’ performance goals.

This programme can range from a few home stretches to a gym programme including weights, balance work, stretches and fitness work.

Linking with Coaches and Trainers

To ensure we are linking with any performance goals we are more than happy to link with your golf coach. If you work with a personal trainer we are also happy to liaise with them about the specific areas that should be targeted.


Objective measures, photos and video footage is used to measure physical issues and we can re-test after a period of time to measure improvements.

I have been a regular at SPEAR for many years and the work I do with Karen is key for me to perform at as high a level as possible.

David Law


European Tour Golf Professional