At Physio:Run the aim is simple, help you achieve your running goals.  This can be in either form of a ‘Running MOT’ or a ‘Running Gait Analysis’.

What is included in a Running MOT?

This is the popular choice for runners who may not be injured but want to undertake a review prior to starting a marathon training block, or training for a specific goal to ensure injury doesn’t interrupt it.

In this running profile we will look at running specific strength and flexibility measures that can cause common running injuries but also how to avoid them. The running profile gives the runner an insight into their body and what specifically they need to work on to make their running frame more robust to the loads that running puts on it.

What is included in the Running Gait Analysis?

In this second option, you will receive the same outcomes as the “M.O.T” but the data will be carried over into your running style and the findings along with your running will be interpreted to find a specific running style that suits your frame needs.

During the gait analysis and running profile you will firstly look at the specific strengths and flexibility measures that can cause common running injuries. We will then take you onto the treadmill or over ground running as available and needs require, and assess multiple data sets most commonly linked with your specific injury or past injury history. We will also give you the videos along with the specific cues away with you so you can reflect on your performance and improve your overall running performance.

In the months building up to the Commonwealth Games James helped fix a
few issues before they became serious, which allowed me to keep training
consistently through winter with lots of confidence to perform at my
best. With his help I made a strong recovery after the marathon and was
able to have my best summer season too. His passion for sport and for
helping people make him one of the best sports Physios in the country.

Robbie Simpson


Long-distance runner