We have good working relationships with the Orthopaedic consultants in Aberdeen, and are happy to accept any referrals for rehabilitation. We have a wealth of experience across our team in both conservative management (non-surgical route) and post-surgical rehabilitation. 

We have lots of different rehabilitation options available to us. We can provide you with exercises to do at home or work with you in the gym at Aberdeen Sports Village to create a programme for you to work on in the gym. Whether your goals are return to walking or running a marathon, we can work with you to create an individualised programme to ensure we are working towards your goals. If there are any tight areas that are blocking strength gains we can provide a hand-on approach to release tight areas and give you flexibility and mobility work to do at home to maintain free movement. We accept all major health insurance and can invoice them directly for any rehabilitation, and  can also link with the Orthopaedic team if any further reviews or investigations are required.

Can always trust SPEAR! A week ago I limped in, unable to walk properly and in significant pain. Two appointments with Isla later, I’ve just run 3 pain free miles. Thank you! 

Naomi - from Facebook reviews