NeuroPilates Classes are run by SPEARs’ neuro Physiotherapists  Sarah Hounsome and Lynn Wilson. Both Sarah and Lynn have completed APPI Matwork Training and a Neuro specific Pilates course.

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise designed to strengthen the deep abdominals and gluteal muscles, which all help to support the lower back and hips. By strengthening the core you provide your body with a strong stable base from which to move. We also work on muscles further up the spine and around the shoulder blades to support good posture in the spine as a whole. Physiotherapists rehabilitate clients using exercise therapy every day, so as Chartered Physiotherapists we are perfectly placed to teach Pilates classes. 

Pilates has been recognised by physiotherapists as having benefits for neurological rehabilitation populations including Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and Parkinsons Disease.

SPEAR Physio Led  NeuroPilates class timetable:

Aberdeen Sports Village 

  • Monday 1pm
  • Thursday 1pm and 2.15pm


All Classes are 60 minutes long.

An initial assessment is required to assess for suitability for the class, and explain the key principles behind Neuropilates.

For more information please contact Sarah on 01224 900102, or email

Neuro Pilates has made such a difference to my recovery following my stroke four years ago. The classes are hard work, but make an enormous difference to my strength and stamina. They have become part of my weekly routine and it’s great to come into Aberdeen Sports Village to do a class and feel ‘normal’.