Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing practices in the world, but has been thoroughly researched in recent years to become a scientifically proven therapy for use in mainstream medicine. It works by stimulating energy pathways (meridians) to regulate the flow of energy through the body restoring equilibrium, targeting any blockages. This practice is used to treat pain and optimise healing by increasing blood flow to the injured area.

Blockages of the meridian pathways can be due to inactivity, over-activity, poor diet, emotional strains, or trauma. During an acupuncture course, specific points will be selected to put the needles into, and these points will be selected based on the site of the symptoms and their duration.

I have to thank James Cruickshank for being able to manage and solve my neck and head pain I was having over six months. He always explained me what was going on there and the best way to treat it, using acupuncture and soft tissue massage along with home-based exercises. Some days the pain was horrible and I couldn't move my head, and now it's completely gone! He is an incredible physio! Highly recommendable!

Alexandra - from Facebook reviews