Physiotherapy and managing concussion

  • 27th March 2019
  • Pain, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation

SPEAR’s Chartered Physiotherapist, Lisa recently held a talk to the  University of Aberdeen’s rugby team on Concussion.

As a Chartered Physiotherapy with SPEAR Sports Injury and Physiotherapy, Lisa has worked with rugby teams since her 4th year in university; with local teams, super Rugby League and Scottish Touch teams during the recent European Champions. She has over 8 years physiotherapy experience and is a qualified medical educator for Scottish Rugby Union (SRU).

During her time with rugby and touch rugby teams, Lisa has seen many concussions with varying degrees of severity and recovery times, by establishing connections with local Touch Rugby teams and university teams she aims to promote awareness, safety and how to manage concussion.

A concussion occurs with either a direct blow to the head or impact on the body that causes a whiplash-like-motion to the head. Symptoms can occur 24-48 hrs after impact and include headache, dizziness, fatigue, visual problems and sensitivity to light or noise. When there is not a medical professional pitchside, the Maddocks memory questions can help a coach or team member in assessing the severity of a head injury. These are:

  • What venue are we at today?
  • Which half it is now?
  • Who scored last in this game?
  • Which team did you play last week?
  • Did your team win the last game?

This is no substitute for medical attention and “when in doubt, sit them out”.

A player with suspected concussion should not be left alone within the first 24 hours or consume alcohol until symptom free, they should not be driving and both physical and cognitive rest are advised.

By recognising the symptoms, getting proper medical attention and ensuring rest after a concussion, Lisa aims to help the longevity of a player’s sporting career. She will be running clinic sessions specifically for local rugby and touch rugby teams on a Monday afternoon at the SPEAR clinic in the Aberdeen Sports Village. Contact SPEAR reception for an appointment. #teamSPEAR