Performance Profiling from Specialist Physiotherapists

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The body is the heart and centre to most sports. People in general are technology focussed and look to purchase the best equipment to aid them e.g. clubs for golf, running shoes for running, and bikes for cycling. The body however is the engine to most sports and drives the body to use the equipment. This is often neglected but is very important. We have specific expertise in golf, running and cycling and have developed sport specific profiles to analyse the specific movement and patterns for each sport. We can work with you to provide programmes to focus on making physical improvements to impact on performance. For more information on the sports specific profiles we offer please click on the links below.


We have over 20 years experience working with golfers and have an indepth understanding of the body’s role in the golf swing.

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At Physio:Run the aim is simple, help you achieve your running goals.  This can be in either form of a ‘Running MOT’ or a ‘Running Gait Analysis’. What is included in a Running MOT? This is the popular choice for runners who may not be injured but want to undertake a review prior to starting […]

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SPEAR PhysioBikefit

Using a turbo trainer, the physiotherapist will assess your body mechanics whilst you are riding your bike and guide you through a range of exercises specific to cycling form to assess body mechanic

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