Great Aberdeen Run – goal setting and top tips for race day.

  • 1st July 2019
  • Physiotherapy, Running, Tips

Taking part in the Great Aberdeen Run in August? SPEAR Physio:Run Physio, James talks us through goal setting and top tips for race day in our latest blog.

We have just passed the 2 month mark for the Great Aberdeen Run on Sunday, 25 August. As in less than 2 months to go until both the 10k and the Aberdeen Half! This a hugely popular race in the city and one that attracts experienced runners, new runners and charity runners. In the SPEAR clinics we spend a lot of time talking about patient goals and working with our patients to hep them achieve these goals – be it a PB, remaining injury-free, completing the distance or their first race.

Top tips for race day.

Set a Goal for the race. Make a plan to achieve that goal.

One of the common errors in training for races is that the recovery runs are done too fast. The recovery runs are to allow loading of the joints, bones, and tendons and shouldn’t be a stress on the cardiovascular system. When running slower you increase the amount of time you are in contact with the ground so therefore have to absorb a bigger load.

This allows you to get stronger and therefore reduce the chance of getting injured. Running too fast too often increases the load on the same structures.

If you remember one thing, make it “Train Slow, Race Fast“.

Don’t set off too fast!

Whether you are running the 10km or the half marathon – a simple tip. You can’t win the race or achieve your PB in the first 1-2km but you can certainly lose it. Starting off too fast will cause you to use a different system for producing energy than you have been used to so will fatigue you quicker – most likely nearer the end of the race.

It is common to start fast as you feel fresh and the brain convinces you that the pace is ok to run at, but stick to the plan and be disciplined to stick to YOUR pace not any one else’s.

If you remember one thing, make it “Pace the Race“.

Enjoy the race.

Nerves, although commonplace in running, can be both helpful and a hindrance. Being nervous and controlling the nerves is great but if you worry too much about how you are going to run, the conditions, will there be enough water, will I come last, will I beat such and such etc etc then you start to expend energy that you will need for the race.

The best thing to do is smile. Kipcheoge (the greatest marathon runner of all time) stresses that smiling helps him relax and get through the pain that he is experiencing in the race.

Furthermore, the University of Swansea studied 24 individuals who completed running blocks whilst frowning and smiling; and found that smiling reduces the amount of oxygen used, increased the efficiency and also they found the same training block easier to complete… if you want to run well…..SMILE.

If you remember on things, make it “Smile”.

What’s next?

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more Great Aberdeen Run race-day prep or get in touch with the team via email with any specific questions. Physiotherapy appointments can be booked by calling 01224 900 102.

Cover image photo credit: Great Aberdeen Facebook page and official event images.