17 Jan

Top tips for Winter training

Dress for the weather A Scottish winter can be unpredictable, sun, snow, ice, rain, and wind but don’t let that put you off going for a run. Dressing for the weather is the trick to making it more pleasant when you don’t want to head out. As a rough way to gage it is to […]

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02 Jan

How to keep your new year resolutions.

At the start of the new year, many of us will be thinking about what we want to achieve, and how we want to grow as people in 2020. These resolutions often take the form of diet and exercise changes, and work towards our “dream body”. At SPEAR Physiotherapy, we tend to see these manifest […]

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16 Dec

How to look after yourself at Christmas.

It’s a tough time of year to make the time to stay active and to remember to look after ourselves whilst getting through some mammoth to-do lists… SPEAR Physiotherapist’s Leanne and Sarah R bought together some top tips and exercises for us all to try at home to help look after ourselves and stay active […]

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22 Nov

What can physiotherapy offer a golfer in the off season?

It is off season for golfers at the moment and a time in clinic when any active players come in and see us with a number of ailments and aches and pains. SPEAR Physio Karen, wrote this blog to answer a pretty important question. Physiotherapy and coaching. If coaches identify parts of the body that […]

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18 Sep

Welcome back SPEAR Golf Fitness class!

Welcome back to our SPEAR Golf Fitness classes! In preparation for the 2020 golf season, SPEAR will be running their circuit classes again, focusing on fitness levels specifically for golf. We ran these sessions for the first time last year; and had some great feedback from participants. Not to mention fantastic reports about improvements on […]

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09 Sep

What is physio-led Pilates?

With the introduction of two new SPEAR physio-led Pilates classes to the schedule, we asked SPEAR physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, Ashley to tell us what Pilates is, who should be doing a class and why it’s so good!

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03 Sep

School bag ergonomics.

In the SPEAR physiotherapy clinic, we spent the summer holidays working on getting families outdoors and living active lifestyles – SPEAR Physio Karen explained that as a clinic we are interested in helping our patients; and that means injury prevention and promoting an active lifestyle are high on our agenda.

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28 Aug

Post-run recovery tips.

In the SPEAR Physiotherapy clinics,  we spend as much time talking to our patients about recovery and injury prevention as we do fixing them or working with an existing injury. This is never more an important time than after a race or long run, such as the recent Great Aberdeen Run, to talk about run […]

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07 Jul

The Fairy Wood trails in Aberdeen and Shire.

Which little child does not enjoy looking for fairies? Imaginative play and immersing themselves in a fantasy world are high on the agenda for SPEAR owner and physiotherapist Karen and her two little girls; they have been on some fairy trails in Aberdeen City and Shire over the last few days and share their experience […]

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07 Jul

Summer holidays and an active lifestyle.

In SPEAR clinics, we are seeing an increasing number of teenagers with postural issues and as parents and physiotherapists, we know it is an uphill battle to make an active lifestyle more appealing than the draws of YouTube and the ipad. As a clinic we are interested in helping our patients; and with injury prevention […]

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